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our vision for hosting visitors:

Our church family has been deeply impacted and changed by the gift of living and serving in a multicultural context.  We love that the Kingdom of God is a beautiful mix of people from different backgrounds who speak different languages and are full of different perspectives on life and the world around us.  Our hope is that groups will be able to experience a glimpse of our reality and be changed by the gift of serving in a multicultural context.  We hope that your perspective on the global Kingdom is expanded, that you are changed and challenged by your interactions with people from a different culture, that you experience worship and ways of doing things that are different than what you have ever imagined, and that you go back to your home with a renewed passion for discipleship and following Jesus amongst the neighbors and people that God has placed around you.

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ways you can serve:

Jubilee Community Center (Nutritional Program, Educational/Vocational classes, Community Health)

Teach English in the English Language Program

Sports outreach (Baseball/Soccer)

Summer VBS camps for kids

Serve and teach in the Kids/Youth program

Communications/Media/Photo & Video Journalism

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We host all teams at the church’s mission house.  The mission house is a large 4-bedroom home with the capacity to sleep 24 people.  It is located next to a large park (where the church’s soccer team has practice) and within walking distance to many of the church members’ homes.  Staying at the mission house includes three meals a day, A/C, and Wi-Fi.  


Are you looking for an experience that will stretch you out of your comfort zone and beyond yourself?  Are you ready for stepping into the more that God has for you and learning what it means to live a life of discipleship?  Are you wanting to ask yourself tough questions and challenge yourself to live beyond the status quo?  Are you looking to serve others and be taught to open your eyes to the diverse world that God has created?  Are you ready for unforgettable experiences and being a part of the beautiful community that we call the ICM family?  

Come.  Come and see and learn and serve.  We pray that your experiences here will leave you marked and changed, forever altering your relationship with God, the way you view the world and His people, and the daily decisions you make as you live out your life on this earth.

If you are interested in hearing more about internship opportunities, please fill out the Request Information Packet box and specify "internship" in the message.

Request Information Packet

Read more about what God is doing in our midst and how you can come and be a part.

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