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the STORY:

In 2012, the Philippe family felt a clear calling from God to partner with Jesus as catalysts for holistic transformation within the Pontezuela community. With hearts full of faith and heads full of dreams, they assembled a small group to share the vision that God had placed in their hearts. They began praying for the manifestation of God's Kingdom in Pontezuela, forging genuine connections with its people, and discerning the community's deepest needs.

Iglesia Comunidad Multicultural (ICM) was established in 2013 as a small assembly of individuals seeking Jesus and exploring ways to address the deep spiritual and physical needs in the Pontezuela community. What began as a humble gathering has blossomed into a vibrant and multicultural church community that now offers worship in Spanish, English, and Creole, committed to reconciliation and the holistic transformation of the community.

From our humble beginnings in 2013, ICM has evolved into a dynamic network of Jesus communities throughout the Caribbean. We celebrate a diverse tapestry of cultures, languages, and socioeconomic backgrounds, united by a shared mission. Despite numerous obstacles, we have witnessed the transformation of lives and communities, all anchored in the love and truth of Christ.

We are deeply thankful for what God has achieved and look forward with excitement to what He has in store for the future. We desire to continue collaborating with King Jesus, to see our Jesus communities flourish and multiply across Latin America and beyond, all for the glory of our Heavenly Father.

Join us in our mission to bring God's Kingdom to Pontezuela and beyond.

Pontezuela, Dominican Republic:
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haiti meeting foto.jpg

In January of 2010, an earthquake we will never forget shook the nation of Haiti.  People from all over the world came together on Haitian soil in effort to do something that would provide relief amidst the devastation.  Stanley (of Haitian descent himself) and Amarfry packed into a tightly crammed van and crossed the boarder among the masses, hoping to share whatever they could and whisper the promise of Hope even in the middle of great pain.  They spent the days translating for doctors who had come from the States and manning the pharmacy.  Through their time spent in Haiti, God birthed relationships that would later result in partnerships and church plants across the nation.  What began as various small groups and a deep hunger for the Lord has emerged into a network of vibrant churches and schools, serving their communities in beautiful ways.

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