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icm mid-may update

Two months have passed since the world as we knew it was shaken. Slowly we have been challenged to grow accustomed to this new lifestyle that none of us expected. We have faced suffering, grief, anxiety, and stress, but we have clung to our Rock and we have seen Him move through it all. May we continue to praise and give thanks to the One who holds the whole world in His hands.

Here in the Dominican Republic we are still currently under a country-wide State of Emergency until at least June 1. This means that all non-essential businesses remain closed and a 5pm-6am curfew (no one is allowed on the streets) is still in place. While for some this may be an inconvenience, but for others it literally means they are going hungry. Many people who worked day-to-day to put food on the table have been without work for two months. The need continues to be overwhelming and we receive close to 80 calls/messages daily from people asking for food.

As a new week begins, we encourage you to take time to pray about how God wants to use you in this season. People are in need of encouragement, prayer, and a listening ear. People are in need of food and basic resources to simply survive. People are in need of the Word of God and a reminder of the Gospel message. Pray about how God can use you and your talents/resources in a time where so many are walking through desperate situations. May our Father be glorified and may we be intentional about being used by Him.

That His Kingdom may come and His will be done…

On earth as it is in heaven.

Join the ICM family in prayer and worship in your home every weeknight from 8-9pm.

Consider giving to food bag preparation to feed one family for one week for $35:

With MUCH love,

The ICM family

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