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ICM Update Letter

Dear friends,

We are nearing the end of week six of living a life that we never imagined. Whether we like it or not, our world has been shaken by Covid-19.

As the church and the global body of Christ, we have been asked the tough questions of whether we will actually continue to live out the Gospel message that we preach. When times are tough and fear threatens to take control, will we continue to follow Jesus? Will we continue to love our neighbor? Will we continue to step outside of the comfortable to live what we believe the Lord is calling us to? Will we choose to be creative in how we reach out to those around us in a time when so many restrictions are in place?

Or do we get comfortable in investing in our nuclear families within the walls of our homes? Do we let fear overcome us and forget that there are still ways to reach out to those around us? Do we become accustomed to life as we currently know it and simply choose to wait things out until life goes back to “normal?”

Friends, we are called to something more! We have been given yet another opportunity to say YES to Jesus and to follow Him with our whole hearts and our whole lives.

We are completely humbled by how the body of Christ has shown up over the past couple of months. Through partners and friends, both in Santiago and all over the world, our church community has been able to prepare over 220 bags of food for families in need. Each bag provides a family with food and cleaning supplies for one week. We are grateful and amazed by how the global church has come together in order to reach out to those who the “stay at home” order has affected the most.

Yesterday, we purchased supplies to make 80 more bags to be distributed to the community. But honestly, it’s not enough. We receive messages all throughout the day from people who are literally hungry. They have somehow heard that the church is providing food to families in need and they are desperate.

So we encourage you to consider giving. We encourage you to continue to ask how the Lord can use you and your talents and your resources in a time where many are literally going hungry. May we not grow stagnant in this time, but instead may others see how the church rose up. May there be revival in our cities as we continue to follow Jesus and love our neighbors as He does. May people come to know the Lord as they experience the love of His people.

By donating $35, you can provide food and cleaning supplies to a family for one week. If you would like to give, please visit

We pray that each of you and your families are safe and well. Together may we continue to look to Him in this difficult and heavy time.

With much love,

The ICM Family

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