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jubilee community center


Providing holistic care for our neighbors that they may reach their God-given potential and transform their communities

the table:

Education is crucial for kids to step out of the poverty cycle.  In an area with many obstacles for children to receive a valuable education, we find it vital to provide community support.  Jubileo offers a half-day preschool program and literacy and English classes to children in the community.  

We believe we cannot merely meet spiritual needs without meeting physical needs as well.  The Table is a time where we gather every weekday to share an evening meal together with around 60 kids from the community.  It is a great moment of fellowship and serving and eating with one another.

Our deepest hope is that as we pour into the lives of the people in our community that they will be forever changed by the love of God that makes all things new.  In everything we do we hope that we are preaching the Gospel--that God's love and grace and mercy is enough for each and every one of us.  We spend time daily teaching the Scriptures, discipling, and praying with the ones that God has entrusted to us.

Many times in areas of poverty good healthcare is simply inaccessible.  Jubileo provides yearly general checkups for all children registered in our programs as well as medical clinics for the community of Pontezuela.  

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